Vladimir 'Bobri' Bobritsky

BOBRI, V.,' pseud. (Vladimir Bobritsky)

Born May 13, 1898, in Kharkov, Ukraine, where he attended the Kharkov Imperial Art School.

As a young man Bobri worked in the theater as scene designer for drama and ballet, -- at seventeen designing sets for the Great Dramatic Theater at Kharkov. During the Revolution he fled as a refugee, eventually reaching Constantinople. In the Crimea he met up with a band of gypsies and earned his way as a guitar player in their chorus; he worked with archeologists in the Crimea and Turkey, and painted icons in a Greek monastery on the island of Halki, and through all his wanderings he always carried a paint brush and drawing pad. He made decorations and costumes for the Ballet Russe of Constantinople to earn his passage money to come to America, arriving in the United States in 1921. Here he opened his own textile establishment, painted murals for night clubs, and, in the thirties, began to do advertising art and book illustration. He won the Art Directors Award for Distinctive Merit and became well known in the field of commercial design. Bobri was almost as well known in musical circles as he was among artists. He was editor and art director of the Guitar Review, a magazine which won awards from the American Institute of Graphic Arts; he was a composer and his Danza En La was performed in New York Town Hall in 1936; he was President of the Society of the Classical Guitar, and he directed radio broadcasts of chamber music. He was an authority on Gypsy music and folk lore of all countries.


Examples of Bobri's Art

Children's Illustrator

A talk given by Rosalie Meyer
at Friends of Art, January 25, 1995
Muskegon, MI, Museum of Art

The Segovia Technique

Published by The Bold Strummer

This unique book was first published in 1974. The author was the founding member of the New York Classic Guitar Society, and a close friend of the maestro. A comprehensive collection of photographs of Segovia's hands, and many drawings, constitutes a veritable master class in The Segovia Technique.

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